Gardening – Start Your Seedlings NOW  

It is almost the end of February, it’s time to think about gardening. With the cost of everything going up, this may cramp a gardener’s style. For anyone who is cost- conscious, starting your plants from seedlings is an economical alternative. Garden centers are not yet open, here in Canada. But unlimited selection of seeds are already on store shelves. Browse around and get ideas about what to plant this coming season. Read more now on tengah garden walk ec

If this is your first attempt at gardening, walk around the spot where you intend to plant a garden. The ground is still frozen, but start to monitor the pattern of the sun. Trees are still bare but you can picture it in its splendor come Summer. Try to figure out how sunny or shady the garden area will be. There are a variety of plants for both sun, shade or partial shade. For those who have been gardening for sometime, did you take pictures of your garden last year? Ask yourself what worked and what did not.

Care of seedlings

Starting some plants from seeds can be very interesting, that is if you have the time and space. It is not too early. Do you have new plants in mind to add to your garden? Starting your own seeds is a more economical way to have a beautiful garden. Some annuals are easy to grow, some are a bit more delicate. Be sure to use the starter soil, do not scrimp on this, to guarantee healthy seedlings. Water and light are the next important step. If you have the room, enhance the progress of your seedlings with a grow light. I use a kitchen fluorescent light and it works for me. Do not flood the seedlings, use a spray to water them, the flow from a watering can can drown the poor seedlings. Again, this is a labor of love. Start the seedlings on a flat tray. When they develop four sets of leaves, get ready to transfer these to individual small containers that you can buy. I use styrofoam cups, slit the bottom for drainage, cut an inch off the top and transfer the seedlings in these till they are ready for planting. These cups can be stored and used another year. You could save the yogurt containers and these serve the purpose well too. Again, use the starter soil for better growth.

If you brought in the geraniums, using the starter soil, cut slips and plant these. Again, I use the styrofoam cups. These slips need more room to grow. If you have the room, time and ambition, on a mild day, you may want to bring in some planters to thaw out, bring it to room temperature. As the seedlings get stronger, by end of April, you can start planting the seedlings into these planters. By the time May comes around, your planters are ready for the outdoors. Do the planters need more soil, or perhaps the soil could use some nutrients.

There is something magical about starting plants from seeds, then watch it grow and provide beautiful flowers. It feels good to see these plants bloom. Happy gardening.

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